Module Information

This module provides students with the theoretical, conceptual and practical tools needed to undertake their own independent research projects by introducing students to the three key areas of constructing and practising researching in communication, culture and media. The module covers the collection of materials, were students are introduced to a range of research tools and their associated methods and methodologies. It provides a grounding in a range of analytical techniques and ways of interpreting materials. The module will also identify areas and approaches to researching in communication, culture and media. Throughout, the module highlights the links between theory and practice. The module aims to allow students to build a research profile in their chosen area through a set of guided assessments. It will help students to develop an outline of a research project, which may form the basis of the final MA Research Project.

The research methods module runs throughout the year. The aim of the course is to provide you with an understanding of various methodological issues and theoretical approaches/paradigms, as well as their associated research tools and techniques. What this will achieve is an in-depth critical awareness of the need and uses of research in CCM. And this in turn will help you produce meaningful and insightful dissertations. So it should be a module where you can really get involved in some of the debates, as well as get a bigger picture on the discipline and the reasons for some of the ways CCM produces itself as an area of study and research. It should provide you with a good solid background to your own work.

The module aims to allow you to build a learning and research profile of your own. So a big part of the module will be about refining your dissertation and project ideas, and making sure you know what you want to do as you move forward to the later stages of the course. In the two weeks leading up to the beginning of the module, we will be engaging in a series of activities that will help you reflect on your area of research, with the two weeks culminating in a dissertation proposal.

Please see Moodle for information on the course, academic dishonesty, and writing skills..

WARNING: This is primarily a qualitative course, as it reflects the course team’s specialism (we will be your markers/supervisors!) and research in the area of CCM. However, if you feel you must gain some experience in quantitative methods, please see the free Sigma courses in quantitative research skills and statistics (ask down at the Library for dates of available workshops).